New GeniX 3D Cu HF makes the choice of a small scale generator set-up even more attractive

October 1, 2010

Dr Claudio Klein

Marresearch operates in the field of macromolecular crystallography and is commercializing a complete X-ray data collection system for macro-molecular crystallography and powder diffraction integrating the XENOCS beam delivery systems. Dr Claudio Klein from Marresearch recently accessed the performances of our new GeniX3D Cu HF for protein crystallography.

m_slits"Marresearch needs a reliable supplier of a powerful X-ray source in order to offer a complete X-ray setup for macromolecular and small molecule X-ray crystallography. Together with the mar345 image plate detector and the mardtb goniostat we are able to setup a relatively low cost X-ray data collection system (under the trademark “marmµX”), that fulfills today’s requirements for most X-ray applications. The GeniX 3D narrows the performance gap between sealed X-ray sources to rotating anode generators.

After careful examination we conclude that the new GeniX 3D outperforms the previous model in almost every aspect. The focal spot is better defined and delivers a beam of higher quality at the sample. Depending on crystal size and mosaicity we observe an increase up to a factor of 2 in observed intensity on the detector as compared to the GeniX VHF. The tube has become more compact and the way of alignment has become more straightforward. This makes the choice of a small scale generator setup even more attractive."

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