Installation and current use of scatterless slits on a synchrotron beamline at LNLS, Brazil

January 10, 2011

Dr Harry Westfahl
Principal Scientist at the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory

LNLS "We have been using the scatterless slits from XENOCS for about six months for Small Angle Scattering in the Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory. From the box to the beamline, running on spec (certified scientific software) it took us about 20 minutes, a very simple and quick setup. Thanks to the low scattering from the blades the camera background was reduced by more than one order of magnitude at low angles. Moreover, being able to define the beam very close to its maximum, especially in a relatively high emittance machine like ours, resulted in an effective flux twice as large as with our previous setup. This also helped us to reduce the minimum wave-vector achieved on the beamline by about 30%."

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