First Experience with Xeuss SAXS/WAXS system

May 24, 2012

Prof. Bart Goderis
Polymer Chemistry and Materials, KU Leuven, Belgium

XEUSS SAXS/WAXS system installed in January 2012 in KU Leuven

“Very recently, we received the XEUSS SAXS/WAXS equipment from Xenocs. We are working on a broad range of materials, which in most cases include soft matter components. With this instrument we are able to cover a large q-range, covering both SAXS and WAXS in a single shot. In addition, having selected Mo radiation we are able to insert sample holders that because of excessive absorption would not work in conjunction with a Cu source. This makes the XEUSS for us the ideal laboratory platform with very similar philosophy to synchrotron beamlines having a parallel beam and full flexibility in the sample area. Finally, the XEUSS platform is easy to use and fully new experiments can be set in a few minutes.”

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