Dmitri Svergun's testimonial on BioSAXS data collected on the Xeuss

August 12, 2013

Dr Dmitri Svergun
EMBL Hamburg c/o DESY, Germany

Data generated with the Xeuss was compared by Dr Dmitri Svergun with data collected from the SAXS beamline X33 at the DORIS III storage ring at DESY (Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron) at EMBL in Hamburg. The sample concentration and the solvent conditions were the same.

Results show that both curves fit very well together, showing that the Xeuss data quality is very high. Remarkably, the Xeuss data enabled the reconstruction of the protein shape. The reconstruction process ended with a model very close to the one refined from synchrotron data, with ONLY a single iteration of refinement.

“We compared the scattering data taken on the Xeuss machine from several proteins with the data collected on a 2nd generation synchrotron source on similar samples at similar solute concentrations. The Xeuss data did not display any smearing effects and matched well the synchrotron results.
Importantly, the accuracy of the lab source data ensures a reliable reconstruction of the protein shape and allows one to model the quaternary structure based on the low angle portions of the scattering pattern”
, Dr Svergun stated.

Dr Svergun’s group leads the development of novel computational methods for constructing 3D structural models from the scattering data. They have developed ATSAS, the world’s most popular biological SAXS analysis program suite, which has been downloaded by over 7000 users. Xenocs is working closely with Dr Svergun who provides consulting to Xenocs scientific team and training to customers on ATSAS software.

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