Xenocs User Community Forum is open!

Xenocs is very pleased to announce the opening of its User Forum.

The User Forum is a tool provided by Xenocs to allow users to share experience and ideas, and to ask questions to the community of users and to Xenocs scientists.

Xenocs application scientist Manuel Fernández, in charge of the User Forum moderation, explains: “Our customer base is expanding over the years and Xenocs users are becoming a community. The idea behind the User Forum is to give users of our instruments a common place to share best practices and ask questions. The users can take advantage of the experience of each other to make the most of their Xenocs SAXS/WAXS equipment.

“The forum is also a preferred channel for our customers to get answers directly from our dedicated application team to questions they may have in relation to their application”, Xenocs Application team manager Sandra Desvergne says.

Dedicated to Xenocs customers only, the forum is hosted and moderated by Xenocs in the secured webpages of Xenocs website. It offers a framework to post contributions on a wide range of themes, ranging from scientific topics to more technical questions such as the SAXS/WAXS/GISAXS technique used, sample environments or software. Users are encouraged to propose new themes to talk or discuss about in a theme proposal section.

To access the User Forum, simply go to http://www.xenocs.com/en/customers/access/, and click on ‘Ask for an account’ or ‘Sign in’ if you have already registered.

Looking forward to reading you in the User Forum!



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November 27, 2018

First successful demonstration of SEC-SAXS on a lab-system

A major increase of productivity in biostructural research is achieved by eliminating the need to go to a synchrotron for the combination of SAXS with SEC (size exclusion chromatograpy).

February 15, 2018

BAM inaugurates state-of-the-art SAXS facility from Xenocs

On January 26, BAM – the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing – in Berlin inaugurated their new SAXS facility.

July 10, 2017

Xenocs at EPF 2017

Xenocs attended the European Polymer Federation 2017 congress last week in Lyon, France.

May 29, 2017

NEW ! Xenocs launches the BioXolver at ACA 2017

Xenocs is currently launching its new SAXS solution dedicated to structural biology at the American Crystallographic Association meeting, which takes place this year in New Orleans from May 26 to 30.

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